Bringing nature home

Philou is a self-taught artist, passionate about nature and wood.
By respecting the structure and linings of the wood he creates amazing and unique art.
Philou’s core business is carving on demand. This way every piece perfectly fits the design of your home, office, restaurant, hotel,…

PHILOU - Master in wood

Growing up in Nieuwpoort, a small coastal town in Belgium, I’ve always been passionate about 

nature, the ocean and different kinds of wood 
As a teenager I discovered surfing. As we had no surf shops in the area I started creating my own surfboards and skateboards using recycled materials. It was my way of reducing my ecological footprint and adapting a lifestyle that respects nature and its forces.
Making little wooden sculptures for a friend inspired me to make environmentally conscious art.

Through lots of experimentation I slowly moved towards my own style and now create exclusive wood art.

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Have a quick look in my portfolio to give you a first impression.

Wooden sculptures


Wall panels


On demand