I also design decorative wall panels. The exclusive and carved 3D pattern will brighten up your space.
As a plus:
- it brings nature inside with a warm and natural look and feel
- it improves the acoustics of the room
- fine artwork takes your interior to a next level

Wall panels can be customized to your preferences when it comes to dimensions and design.

West bay - Westende
Infobord Landart expeditie Middelkerke



Getting to know you

Call or send me an email so we can set an appointment. Meeting with you gives me a better idea of your dreams, wishes and personal style.

I’ll make a rough sketch of your dreamed-of artwork and will make you a free of charge and non-binding offer. If you agree to the terms and conditions, I’ll start the designing process.


To the sketchingboard


Selecting wood

I’ll carefully select the unique and high quality wood for your piece of art.


Create to deliver

After sketching the design on the selected wood, I’ll start carving and burning with pure craftmanship
On completion I’ll deliver or ship to your home, office, company,…


As each artwork is tailored to your specific wishes prices vary and depend on wood type, dimensions of the work and finish.
Feel free to get in touch and ask me about pricing and terms and conditions. I can make you a free of charge and non-binding offer.